Kids / Teen Orthodontics

Kids/Teen Orthodontics

It is beneficial for children to have their teeth assessed for orthodontic treatment between the ages of 7-10.

Dr. Carolyn will assess your child's jaws and teeth for developmental or positional issues and will determine if any areas require attention.

Orthodontic treatment needs vary between people and Dr Carolyn will assess and discuss with you the options available for your child.

Kids orthodontics

Orthodontics for young kids

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In young children, orthodontic treatment focusses on managing functional problems including:

  • cross-bites
  • overcrowded teeth
  • jaw growth issues
  • gaps in teeth caused by digit/dummy sucking
  • snoring and grinding

Orthodontics for teens

This can be the best time to go through orthodontic treatment as all of the adult teeth have erupted and at the same time facial growth is still occurring.

When planned well, orthodontic treatment for teenagers can be very straight forward, comfortable and non-invasive.

Being a teenager is challenging with or withough braces. Dr. Carolyn spends time to include her teenage patients in the discussion and planning process so they feel involved in their treatment.

braces for kids and teenagers

Dr Carolyn's Pro-Tip: Braces/Treatment Options

Dr. Carolyn offers the full range of treatment options available for her teenage patients so they can choose a treatment modality that can straighten their teeth discreetly and effectively, as well as making them feel comfortable and wanting to smile.

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