Intergrated Services

Intergrated Services

At Smile Hawthorn, we provide the full range of dental services in order to assist you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Our clinicians work together as well as with other dental and allied health providers to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care.

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General Dental Services

At Smile Hawthorn, we can assist you in all aspects of dentistry, ranging from emergency care, preventive care and fillings, right up to root canals, crowns, bridges, wisdom tooth extractions and more

Dr Andrew Heredia has been a part of the dental profession for over 10 years, and knows how to make patients feel at ease.

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Specialist Orthodontic Services

Orthodontics is the aspect of dentistry that involves the movement of teeth to provide a more stable and harmonious smile.

Due to the complex nature of tooth movement, this is best managed by a specialist that has undergone extensive and rigorous training in this field.

Dr Carolyn Ng has undergone 3 years of full time study at the University of Sydney, training in the management of orthodontic issues.

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Smile Hawthorn is a modern family dental and orthodontic practice that provides comprehensive dental and specialist orthodontic services to the community.

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